Submission Process

Now Accepting Exhibitor Applications for 2020

gallerists, curators and artists are all welcome to apply.

To Apply to newyorkart•com online exhibitions please send 3 images and bio to:


For General Inquires Please Contact us:
1-888-9-FINEART |


Due to COVID-19 we are representing our most talented artists on our gallery website with a shopping cart as well as on our popular instagram page. We are getting great results and sales as people are shopping more from home at the moment. We advise your work to be shown on the website for now until the galleries and art centers are open again.

By showing on the newyorkart•com website you are starting the process of being represented by the gallery in which someday you will be shown in the physical gallery. This is a NON-EXCLUSIVE agreement, You can show anywhere you like in addition to our website.

After signing up we will receive confirmation of your payment and your uploader will be Amy Martinez, She is Available by phone or email: | phone 949-683-4986

Simply click here to get started (there is a small web-developer fee to set up your profile)



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