Alejandro Dron

Dron started to create art since childhood in Argentina and has continued in NY for the past over 20 years. After graduating at SVA NY / 1998 MFA in Computer Art he did not pursue professional honors or prestige as a careerist, but instead unadulterated knowledge in the arts. Though he’s been focused on this difficult path he’s been getting some artworld recognition like a Fulbright Grant and more recently the 2016 Adolph Gottlieb Grant.


During his first years in US he engaged in the actual plannification and building of complex large scale sculptures as well as continuing building the grounds where to develop his art in relation with the ‘jewish question’ as other jewish artists like El Lissitsky, Moholy Nagy, Pevsner, Kosice, Agam and Kitaj, to mention a few, tried before him. 

While continuing to deepen in his art and refusing to compromise it in any way he continued to develop himself as a theorist and visionary artist. In doing so he began to contribute to the arts in a very specific way though not yet fully visualized. His artistic achievements are starting to impact on his surroundings even though he is not part of the artworld’s theatre.  


He’s been exploring the depths of the the jewish question and it’s smaller and most complex details. Refining the way techniques and concepts are executed in order to create a situation of ‘oneness’, which is the ultimate goal of judaism and a key understanding to succeed in life at large and in any of our practices.


‘It’s become increasingly clear to me that Dron has carved a unique place for himself in contemporary visual arts and it’s history as a continuator of the Jewish Question in contemporary art. The place Dron has created for himself is entirely outside of what any atomized ranking system or out of spin art market could assess. I am not trying to promote his work, it is just my recognition of what already is. I am recognizing Dron’s enormous and silent achievements, his personal sacrifices, the depth of understanding and level of proficiency he’s learned and his skills as an artist to be unsurpassed as well’.

-Eve Achim