"Laguna Beach " by Gordon Reed, Digital Art on Canvas
"Laguna Beach " by Gordon Reed, Digital Art on Canvas

"Laguna Beach " by Gordon Reed, Digital Art on Canvas

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36" X 36" 

Digital Art on Canvas


Gordon Reed
Modern Art/Impressionist

Gordon Reed is originally from the great lakes of Michigan but he got his first exposure to the artworld hub when he moved to New York. Working as a model agent he met fashion photographers, designers, a model editor from Vogue magazine, stylist and makeup artist and worked with known makeup artist Way Bandy. On these grounds he met a variety of artistic talent as well, from sculptors to painters.  Many of them were debuting and showing their art in Soho, the known up and coming art area at that time.  Well, he helped some of those artist while serving at one of their shows and spent some time around Willem De Kooning but didn’t know it was him. He later ventured off to Denver, Colorado and attended several, several colleges. The Community College of Denver, Front Range Community College and got accepted to the University of Colorado at Boulder.  You can view him on the following pages painting early in the morning in his advanced painting class on campus. He landed on the front page of the Daily Camera newspaper in Boulder, Colorado in 1994. Italian photographer Jay Quadracci photographed him. Since that time from the past, Gordon has moved on and placed some of his artwork online at newyorkart.com with galleries in New York and Laguna Beach California. Welcome to the artworld of Gordon.