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Contained by Carolina Ramos, Mixed Media
Contained by Carolina Ramos, Mixed Media
Contained by Carolina Ramos, Mixed Media

Contained by Carolina Ramos, Mixed Media

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20 x 40

Original Artwork

Acrylic, Expanding Foam, Chicken Wire, and Other Discarded Materials on Canvas



Carolina is a multi-disciplinary artist working in different areas: Painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, and textiles.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1968, she began informally painting at the age of 13 in High School. It was then that Carolina was first exposed to different painting techniques. After obtaining her Fashion design degree, she opened “Tatouage”, an Haute couture embroidery and jewelry workshop. Her interest in plastic arts was reflected in her work that included abstract embroidery and painted fabric, as well as texture juxtaposition which was uncommon at the time. Meanwhile, she continued to paint and experiment with different techniques. In 2006, Carolina moved to Montreal where she continues to develop as artist.

Her heavily textured work intents to blur the lines between senses by stimulating the sight to “create” a “touch” experience. It also tells the story of separation lived by immigrants. Navigating herself within different cultures, societies, and realities, her work provides a portrait of what is daily experienced by millions around the globe.

Carolina uses of a wide range of materials to express the complexity of those living that situation: acrylics, gouache, wood, plaster, clay, tree branches, birch bark, yarns, fabrics, and many others from non-traditional sources.