NYA Gallery & Tribeca Art + Culture Night

NYA Gallery & Tribeca Art + Culture Night


June 13, 2019


For Immediate Release:

On Thursday, June 20th from 6-9pm the second edition of Tribeca Art + Culture Night (TACN) for 2019 will kick off with an assortment of exhibitions, workshops, talks, readings, performances, tours, and other forms of cultural programming. NYA Gallery is pleased to be participating with more than 20 other cultural institutions in lower Manhattan in order to highlight a diverse and stimulating range of contemporary media, including fine art, design, fashion, dance, music, VR, video, and craft. Partnering venues include commercial and academic galleries, design spaces, non-profits, artist studios, and alternative exhibition spaces. There are two tour options for TACN: self-guided, general admission excursions and 1-hour curated tours led by an art specialist. Attendees are asked to RSVP through the following link, where they can select their ticket type.

For TACN June 2019, art-goers will be able to enjoy a number of exhibitions currently on view at NYA Gallery. On the ground floor, a solo exhibition of over 30 new works by cryptocurrency entrepreneur and visual artist Joel Dietz explores interrelated and highly relevant topics about surface, depth, relationships, sexuality, desire, and finding meaningful human connections. Downstairs, patrons will find Gallery 104’s group show for June, Breeze, an array of artworks where artists have interrogated natural phenomena and translated their experiences for viewers. In NYA Gallery’s June group show, Brilliant, over twenty artists examine the formal properties of light and illumination as well as consider the idea of artistic genius or brilliance. Aside from these exceptional exhibitions, spectators will also have the chance to engage with exhibits by Nikolina Kovalenko; Shane Townley; and 11 exhibitor booths showcasing the work of Jill Nonnemacher, Hulya Kucuk, Dive, Ling Ju, Harold Barnard, Véronique Porter, Jill Keller, Michelle Fulton, Blakelee Harmon, and the artist collective Hudson Yards Fine Art (Kristin Gambell, KP Devlin, Benjamin Casiano, Lori Ross, Michael Kainowski, Greta Watson, Luis Alves, Yonko Kuchera, James Stover).


About NYA Gallery

New York Art (NYA) Gallery is a multipurpose cultural institution conceived as a significant site for artistic expression and discussion, serving as a nexus for practitioners, curators, dealers, critics, and collectors in Tribeca. Initially an iPhone app (NewYorkArt.com) designed to connect artists with collectors and make navigating the art market more manageable, after 8 successful years NYA developed into a brick-and-mortar gallery in March 2019. In addition to mounting solo and group exhibitions, the gallery offers studio stalls and exhibitor booths, art storage facilities, and a suite of other services, such as framing, stretching, and crating. Shane Townley is the founder and director of NYA Gallery.


About Tribeca Art + Culture Night

Tribeca Art + Culture Night is a downtown arts festival that celebrates culture at large in Tribeca and takes place in more than 25 lower Manhattan venues. The TAC Festival, founded & curated by Jennifer Famery-Mariani, has featured over 1000 artists, 180 exhibitions, and 80 special events since its inception in 2016. It is free and open to the public.

 The event presents a program of events like a festival, showcases venues/organizations like an art fair, unlocks spaces to the public like an open house, and offers art-walks to showcase exhibitions like an art night. It is also an art marathon. Attendees can choose their own adventure mixing exhibitions with workshops, talks, demonstrations and performances. In just 3 hours, from 6-9 PM, visitors join together to attend a curator-led tour, learn a new skill in a creative workshop, watch a live dance performance, and discover the unexpected in a contemporary gallery they may have never found otherwise.

Diversity and exploration are the key words for our festival, starting with the incredible variety of venues featured, through the different event formats available for the public to engage with art, to the range of content available during the festival. TAC Night is an adventurous playground showcasing artists, performers, curators, scientists, chefs, wellness experts, musician, designers, authors, thought leaders and makers. Tribeca Art + Culture Night facilitates the access to art and connects participants and creatives beyond pre-established cultural categories in intimate settings. It aims to stimulate ideas, the imagination, and innovation in the downtown communities. To read the full press release published by Tribeca Art + Culture Night, see here.


For press inquiries, please call (917) 472-9015 or email press@newyorkart.com.

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