NYA Gallery Launches Artist Residency Program with Evan Sebastian Lagache

March 25, 2019

NYA Gallery is pleased to announce the official launch of its international artist residency program with Evan Sebastian Lagache. Based on his exhibition history and artistic promise, Lagache was chosen as the inaugural grant recipient of the residency. Thanks to the support of the Eileen Kaminsky Family Foundation (ESKFF), he will receive a generous donation of artist supplies and studio space, further demonstrating confidence in the artist’s abilities to produce strong work that speaks to contemporary issues. Residency Director, Cathy Condon, imagines that the program will “create a platform and space for the cross-fertilization between the gallery, artists, curators, collectors, and their respective audiences.” Undoubtedly, Lagache will be an important early contributor in this creative nexus, beginning April 1, 2019.

In speaking with the artist recently about his goals for this planned period of intense production, he expressed ambitions to “paint on a large scale, hopefully producing work that reaches 70 by 70 inches.” Further, Lagache intends to continue an existing series and experiment with new concepts and materials, including acrylic, oil, ink, graphite, resin, smoke, and ash. For his ongoing series “Corrupted Matter,” Lagache will further explore perceptions of nature and the symbiotic relationship between organic and technological matter. What is more, the one-month residency will provide the self-described abstract-futurist the time to revisit a number of canvases, supporting his additive-subtractive method whereby he routinely reworks layers of his paintings. The residency will culminate in a public artist talk, to be announced in mid-April, at the gallery where he will discuss his practice and the ideas behind his new body of work.

Evan Sebastian Lagache, Combustion in the Cloud, 2018. 48 x 60 inches.

Evan Sebastian Lagache, Combustion in the Cloud, 2018. 48 x 60 inches.

About the Residency Program

Artists interested in submitting materials for consideration for future cycles of the program may inquire through this link. Artist-in-Residence programs exist to serve artists, academicians, curators, and other arts professionals in the formulation of new work at every stage of development. While some programs are incorporated within larger institutions, such as museums, universities, or galleries, others exist solely to support residential exchanges. In this spirit, NYA Gallery’s residency program is open to emerging artists to provide the space, time, and critical support necessary to produce new work as well as offer access to curators, critics, artists, collectors, and the broader cultural community in Tribeca.