Artist Reception: April 4, 2019 (6-9pm) **Every First Thursday of Every Month** Artist Submission

Welcome to NYA Gallery and Texture Show, February 7th, 8th - 299.93

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Two days February 7th & 8th “Texture Show”. Bring all your physical pieces, prints and I want a sculpture up with stand.Possibly iPad next to your work with the photos of your exhibitions and larger pieces.
•  Opportunity for 4 group shows a year.
• Three images uploaded to, Artsy, First Dibs, 50/50 sold through our site, non-exclusive and if you sell outside of our site you keep 100% commission, also on a case by case basis we consider refunding shipping (confirm beforehand).
• Rotated through our iPhone app, #2 in the app store for "New York Art"
• Consideration for our residency studio program, with $500 art supply grant. (I’m specifically presenting you with Eileen this Thursday with one other artist)NK - we have four residencies open right now (this is no guarantee but I’m highlighting you).
• In person or phone meeting with the art director.
• Opportunity to be featured in our art fairs such as Basel, New York Art Week, and    LA Art Week.