The Untold Story by Magnus Strömberg, Oil on Canvas
The Untold Story by Magnus Strömberg, Oil on Canvas

The Untold Story by Magnus Strömberg, Oil on Canvas

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Original Artwork

Oil on Canvas


Magnus Strömberg is a 52 year old artist from Stockholm, Sweden. His interest for painting was sparked at an early age when he watched his mother create artwork as a hobby and when he saw pictures of paintings by Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. His passion for art has grown ever since. At the age of eleven he started to paint in oil, which is the art form he still prefers to express himself in. Strömberg studied architecture at Lund’s University in southern Sweden to get an outlet for his interest in art and design. He later switched to law, becoming a prominent lawyer in Sweden. His profession demanded a lot from him and he kept a low profile as a painter. He has also studied philosophy at Stockholm University. Only recently he has decided to share his art and to focus on painting. 

Strömberg’s artwork often has poetic and dreamlike sceneries. Being inspired by symbolism and ancient mythology, he also likes to depict philosophical and mythological themes in a very personal way. Currently he feels most attracted to figurative art and his aim is to explore both the conscious and the unconscious. He doesn’t believe in being faithful to any specific art movement. However, much of his inspiration comes from the mannerists of the late renaissance era, as well as from some of the great surrealists and symbolists. He is also influenced by the metaphysical art movement. His eagerness to learn, develop and explore new dimensions in art has led him to travel and study artworks in places like Venice and Barcelona. Strömberg likes to listen to classical music when he paints and lets the inventiveness and playfulness of the music inspire his brush strokes.