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The Artist Benefits
The Artist Benefits
The Artist Benefits

The Artist Benefits

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This Only Applies If The Artist Has Been Accepted

Congratulations we are honored to represent your work. Here is how the artist benefits:

• The opportunity to be in 4 physical location group exhibitions a year.

• An artist meeting with the art director. By phone or in person. I myself, am available at anytime as well for guidance.

• 3 works uploaded to NewYorkART.com. When your work sells we will upload new work for no additional charge.

• Your Artwork is rotated through the NewYorkART.com iPhone app.

• Your artwork will be uploaded to 1stdibs as well as another large art platform. Please call to inquire.

• Considered for our residency studio program with a $500 grant for art supplies by ESKFF (Eileen Kaminsky Family Foundation).

• Professional guidance from our experienced team. You can call or email us at anytime with any questions you may have.