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A New York Artist Studio Space - ps

A New York Artist Studio Space - ps

Regular price $4,500.00 Sale


  • 1,500.00 non refundable deposit covers your utilities for six months or a year. Includes staffing, marketing, shows and events.
  • 3,000.00 is your 1st and last month. 30 day written notice is required. 
  • 1500.00 each month after due on the 1st of the month.  

First, last and security deposit for solo studio space in the 3 level gallery location.

  • 1) a place to create art (7 days a week)
  • 2) Monthly “open studio” events to the public
  • 3) Every artist with a studio gets a solo show in the ground level white box gallery (connected to the studios) within a two year time period.
  • 4) 1stdibs design center gallery location and representation (1stdibs - a $180 million company focused on interior designers)
  • 5) A Laguna Beach gallery location representation
  • 6) NewYorkART.com, large artists sites AND 1STDIBS.com representation online
  • 7) Work with New York's top art director, Shane Townley
  • 8) 1500 Sq ft. of Fine Art Storage, shipping, crating, framing, stretching (art handler)
  • 9) involvment within an artist community
  • 10) ALL OF THIS FOR ONLY $1500 / MONTH (50/50 of sales only if sold through the gallery - Keep 100% if the artist sells it on their own)
  • You can share your space with another artist that has been approved.