A One Time Set Up Fee

A One Time Set Up Fee

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Congratulations, your work has been accepted by the art director of I appreciate you taking the time to share your art with us.

There is no monthly fee:

 The value of our site comes from the quality of our artist’s. A one-time setup fee of $150.00is due before the artist is uploaded online to

 Consignment Agreement 50/50

It is agreeable by ______________________________________________________ (the artist), and that all sales of the artists work are split 50/50 consignment. The artist will hold the works in their possession until the artwork sells. It is asked by that all artwork chosen for representation is shot professionally with a proper high res images of both the front and back of all art work for the website. Please only images of the art are required. will place the artwork in living room settings. Payouts to the artist are paid on the 1st of every month.